Property Investment


Here at evans property we deal with all aspects of property. We have an investments team that purchase property, a management team that deal with managing landlords properties. and finally we have our own in house renovation and maintenance team for all building works. 


Property Purchasing

We can purchase any property in any condition. If you are struggling to sell, have an unusual property or want a quick secure sale we can help. 

Property Management

We offer a property management service for landlords. We take control of any property and offer them a guaranteed rent each month giving them their hands off investment back.

Building Portfolios For Investors

We can help find properties for investors as well as giving them a light refurb and finding a tenant, meaning they have a strictly hands off investment.


Help You Sell Run Down Property

If your property has been on the market for a long time with no interest. We offer a service to refurb your house ready to have the buyers flooding through your door.

How We Invest

Here at Evans Property we have an abundance of  experience in buying properties. We have dealt with properties that are unmortgageable, houses that have been sat on the market with no interest and vendors in financial difficulty. If you are worried about lots of people entering your home and wasting your time we can offer a quick and swift sale. We can also offer a free value for your property as well as covering you legal and agency fees. 

If you are a landlord wanting to get the most from your investment with the least work then let us do it for you. We can take over your property handing over all the maintenance costs to us but still guaranteeing you a monthly rent. We can also help in buying your portfolio with tenants in situ. 


With a refurb team at our fingertips we can help to renovate your property and get buyers flooding through your door. 

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